Many open notes: Enable horizontal scroll instead of pane resizing

Use case or problem

I usually have 5-15 notes open at the same time on my 13" laptop. To be able to do this, I have to use Sliding Panes, so that I can scroll left and right to the notes I need. Without sliding panes, the notes would get so narrow that they become unusable when I have more than ca. 8 notes open.

Proposed solution

I know the devs are working on tabs, but please consider enabling horizontal scroll as well. This way, a minimum pane width can be ensured no matter how many notes are opened at the same time.

Current workaround (optional)

Sliding Panes plugin with every feature turned off, only using it because it enables horizontal scroll in the Obsidian window.


Note that in the new tabbed UI of Obsidian 0.16, if you open lots of tabs they all have the same, full-screen width unless you explicitly split the screen into multiple panes (sets of tabs) or use a plugin that doesn’t understand tabs and creates new panes directly. (Or if you already have a bunch of notes side-by-side when you upgrade!)

So you will still be able to have a minimum note width even without scrolling – you only need scrolling if you need to see lots of things side by side.

For what it’s worth, however, Pane Relief 0.3.0 now supports a simple sliding panes mode, roughly equivalent to Sliding Panes with all the features turned off, that is compatible with Obsidian 0.16’s tabbed UI and will thus let you migrate your existing workspace(s) without disruption (assuming you don’t need any of the advanced features like pane stacking, header rotation, flex sizing, etc.):

If you are switching from the Sliding Panes plugin, be sure to both disable that plugin and restart Obsidian before attempting to use Pane Relief’s sliding panes mode, as the standalone Sliding Panes plugin may not uninstall its event hooks properly without a restart of Obsidian.


As I wrote you on Discord already, this is amazing news!
I tried it on mobile already and it worked like a charm :blush:
I’m happy you are carrying this forward :pray:

I have the same problem.
See how I suggested to solve this problem.