Manually refresh all math expressions

I am trying to move my notes from Typora to Obsidian, but the notes with latex equation labels (eg. \label{eq:1}) display incorrectly in preview mode. For example, the equation displays “Label ‘eq1’ multiply defined” when jumping from one note with a latex equation label to another note containing the same label. I think this is caused by the rendering mechanism of latex embedded in markdown and Typora has a math tool called “Refresh all math expressions” that works as a walkaround. It would be nice if Obsidian could add a similar feature in a future release.


I am encountering a similar problem with improper refreshing when using \label{some_label} inside latex equation. Is there a way to trigger a manual refresh? I toggled between Edit and Preview mode, but that doesn’t seem to do it. When I change the label to some_label2, it then renders correctly, suggesting that there is some sort of cache of labeling that needs to be cleared.

I have run into this as well. As a consequence, I simply steer clear of labels \tag{…} will generate a a tag for you, though you cannot refer to this with a ref later.

I think it would be fantastic if Obsidian implemented a ‘refresh all math’ command, which would also improve usability with other MathJax/LaTeX programs.

I am running into this issue as well. +1 for this feature request.

+1 This is useful.