Manually entered emoji not visible in preview mode

Things I have tried

Installed already the emoji plugin.

What I’m trying to do

I installed the emoji plugin because it is often suggested on the forum.
From this emoji plugin I can enter emoji, thats OK . However manually entered emoji (sometimes this is faster than looking them up with the emoji plugin) for example

:wink: :bulb: :question: etc

gives me in preview mode just the same as in edit mode. So no emoji while :wink: and :bulb: and :question: should be shown
I have the same result when the emoji plugin is disabled , like suggested in Emojis look different in editor than in preview - #5 by pattman

An emoji is a char (not a picture). Whether an emoji is displayed and how it is displayed depends on the font you are using.

And how can I change Fonts or is it strictly bounded with the theme?

You could change the fonts in the theme or maybe you could do it by a css-snippet and the css rule “!important”, but I wouldn’t do that, because it would just be a workaround and not a solution of the problem.

If a font can’t handle a certain emoji, there is in most cases a fallback by the application (here Obsidian) or/and the operating system. I’m wondering why such a common emoji like “wink” shouldn’t be supported.

I’m not quite sure what the problem is, but I think it isn’t a font problem.

Your examples are :wink: and :bulb: and :question:. But your examples aren’t emojis, they are pictures - why?:confused:

Do you try to insert an emoji with this syntax?
:wink: :bulb: :question:

If yes, than this is the problem. This syntax isn’t valid HTML, it’s just a feature of some applications in some situations.

You can - in an HTML environment - manually insert each char by its Unicode codepoint.

:wink: 😉 as a decimal codepoint
:wink: 😉 as a hexadecimal codepoint

:wink: - Winking Face Emoji: U+1F609 - Unicode Character Table

Or for some chars by there entity references:
HTML Standard - Named character references

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