Manually add a community plugin

What I’m trying to do

Hi, i want to add a community plugin to obsidean’s vault. Now the thing is that i can’t do it the normal way (reasons i can’t mention)

That mean i need to manually download the plagine and put it the correct way inside the vault’s file

So if someone can explain to me what obsidean does when you install community plugin and how to do that manually. I really appreciate it

The plugin i want to download called RTL support

The obsidian version is 1.1.9 (i can update if it necessary)

This could help you:

  • Note: you need main.js file, manifest.json and if there’s a CSS file, that one. Put them in a folder with a name based on the contents of the manifest file and put that folder in the plugins folder.

If a plugin is not downloadable thru Obsidian community plugins, one can use this:

If in .obsidian i dont have a folder call plugins, only one call snippets (in addition to all of json files of course). Do i creat the folder or put in snippets?

Create the folder. Snippets are a different thing. CSS snippets - Obsidian Help

I did that, but obsidian dont find the plugin.
I not see the settings of the plugin and it’s
saying there is 0 plugins installed.

What i did:
In .obsidian inside my vault i created a foulder name “plugins” inside of that a foulder name “obsidian-rtl” inside of that i have 3 files of the plugin “main” “manifest” “styles”

I also created a jason file called “cummunity-plugins” inside .obsidian. The context of that file:

anything else i forgot or did wrong?

What’s your limitation? Are u able to download BRAT plugin from the Community Plugin marketplace? That would be easier.

If u still cannot, you should clone (download using git or app like GitHub desktop or Atom) the entire github repo to your local folder. Then transfer entire folder (maintaining folder name) into [yourvault]/.obsidian/plugins

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