Manual sorting options for notes and folders in vault

Use case or problem

On the Android app there is currently only 3 pre-defined ways to sort vault contents: by name, modified time, and created time. There is no way to manually re-arrange this list if a user wanted a certain note always at the top, bottom, or just a custom order of the list.

Proposed solution

I think functionality to allow manual re-arranging of notes and folders via drag and drop would be the simplest solution to this. Also the most common workflow for this type of feature in other apps.

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)



Admittedly I only searched using the android tag, so I didn’t see that thread. I did just install that plugin and was testing it out. It seems to have some bugs and isn’t working correctly right now though. I noticed the issues I saw were logged as issues in the plugin github repo.

But I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this now! Will be a game changer when it works well, at least until this functionality is native to the app! Thanks for showing it to me!