Manual Organization of Notes

Use case or problem

I, like many people, have a specific way I like to organize my things. However, the way I would prefer my notes to be organized is not an available option as it doesn’t follow an alphabetical, reverse alphabetical, or ‘last modified’ system. My preferred organization is specific to whatever project Im working on and often does not work by an automatic sorting system.

Proposed solution

A simple solution to this would be to allow users to drag and drop their notes in the list in order to manually choose the order they appear in. You can think of this feature as how you could reorganize the channels and sections of a discord server. That way, users can choose exactly how they want their notes and folders to appear. Manual organization could even be listed in the “Change Sort Order” dropdown, leaving the automatic organization available to those who prefer it!

Current workaround (optional)

Currently to manually organize I’ve set my sort order to ‘last modified’, and when Im done writing I type something small in each document in order to change their modified times and sort them in the order I want them in. This is, however, incredibly inconvenient and only gets more inconvenient the more notes I add.

The Bookmarks feature (coming in the next major release) will help with this. I think your FR could be merged with this one →

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