Managing recurring Tasks with Tasks plugin

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to view recurring tasks in their original location (not queried) WITHOUT their completed instances?

I’m a recent convert to the Tasks plugin and it has really been working great for me.

The preservation of completed recurring tasks is a bit of a management problem for me and I can’t quite understand how I’m supposed to get around it.

I have a number of recurring tasks for a specific context and I keep them grouped in a note. For example, I have a note for “Team Management Recurring Tasks”. In that note is a list of tasks one of which might be “Prepare an agenda for our team meeting every Wednesday”

I have these tasks queried in a daily note and it makes it really easy to view and manage that task.

BUT, when I want to add or remove tasks from the main note, it is FULL of the old, completed tasks. It seems that I can only suppress completed tasks when querying my tasks, but not in their original state (unless there’s something I’m missing).

Things I have tried

Not much besides searching this forum and the tasks docs. How can I just see a list of my recurring tasks (in their original state, not queried) without their completed instances?

I use the Task Archiver plugin. A single keyboard shortcut will pull all completed tasks down to the bottom of your file (or move them to an archive file, if you prefer). It’s a lot easier than manually moving tasks (which is what I used to do)


Perfect solution! I did not know this existed. Thank you!

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You bet. Glad I could help!

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