Managing multiple vaults

Hi, i’m new to Obsidian and first want to say what a great app! Thanks.

One of the first issues I encountered with Obsidian arises when creating a new vault from an existing folder. The new vault creates successfully but with default settings rather than settings being carried forward from the previous vault. In particular, the configured theme is ignored and the default theme is used for newly created vaults. Perhaps this is intended behavior.

Is there a way to configure Obsidian so that newly created vaults will initialize with any existing/current settings ?

If not, is there any harm in simply copying a pre-existing /path/to/vault/.obsidian/ folder to the newly created vault? Is that sufficient? Are there changes also needed in $HOME/.config/obsidian/ or elsewhere ?

Things I have tried

Copying a pre-existing .obsidian folder to the new vault

What I’m trying to do

Initialize newly created vaults with previously existing vault settings.

It looks like copying a pre-existing .obsidian folder with the settings I want works well enough. It’s a manual step but not difficult.

So I guess this is really a feature request for an Obsidian setting to enable auto-copying of the current .obsidian folder to newly created vaults.

I’m ok with the current functionality.

That is incredibly annoying, there should be a way to set these defaults globally instead of “per vault”. One setting that I find really troublesome is the attachments location, I want it to always be in a media folder inside the root (vault) folder.

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