Managing a LAN network

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I am managing a LAN network including the necessary equipment, configuration and maintenance.

The following main components are included:

a) Battery backup (UPS) for central equipment
b) Central network switches
c) CCTV system, 4 cameras with recording equipment
d) WAP’s at the restaurant, playground & common pool
e) WiFi-based radio links for network distribution
f) WAP for 86 apartments, total 104 WAP’s in 18 buildings
g) Configuration management
h) Continuous management and network monitoring
i) Second level support to users

Can I all handle/control this with Obsidian? I’m coming from Evernote. For network monitoring I will use external software.
I have no glue how to organise this project, can the structured JohnnyDecimal be helpful?

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