Manage notes (not folders) as a collapsible nested list in the File Explorer

Related to Zettelksaten: if you want to follow the Folgezettel ID system, you may find helpful the ability to manage notes in the sidebar as a nested list without using Folders structure. This would allow you to expand or collapse sections and sub-sections in order to improve the way to view and work with the different branches. Similar to the way that Workflowy or Dynalist works

It is not about a list within the note but about managing notes as a nested list

Expanded Note list example
Nested list expanded

Collapsed Note list example
Nested list collapsed


That would be great, I’d much prefer navigating a collapsible structure to finding my way on this ever-changing graph view.

What I like most about this system of naming notes is that I can easily browse it while writing

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@berzhot, I have tons of notes listed in the sidebar. What would it take to turn them into a collapsible nested list in the File Explorer, like what you’ve shown here?

I don’t know. Is just an idea to share in order to see if any developer thinks that it is something that worths to be developed or not.

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I love this idea, because it’s exactly what I’m looking for to implement Luhmans Folgezettel idea.

Unfortunately my programming skills aren’t good enough to write an extension.

Agree! Look at this.
How to create a hierarchy of notes?

Folder as markdown note