Manage (move, rename) vault in the vault panel

Use case or problem and Proposed solution

  • Suppose I created a vault at /some/bad/path/have/a/Obsidian Vault and used Obsidian to open it.
  • After some time, I think the path is not good, I’d like to:
    • rename the vault path to /some/bad/path/have/a/Health Vault
    • change the vault path to /path/to/My Notes/Health Vault
  • The present method is:
    1. manually move folders in explorer
    2. delete the old vault in vault panel
    3. open the vault of the new path
  • This process might be improved in the vault panel, providing a easier operation to conveniently manage, rename, move the vaults.
  • Sure the Vault Panel might have big change in the future, considering some users might have a few dozens of vaults after years’ usage.
  • So I just hope the management feature being considered in the future design.

Current workaround (optional)

Manage manually.

Related feature requests (optional)