Malformed `airmail://` link blanks interface

Steps to reproduce

Create a double-nested markdown link to a non-http callback app (I tested this with airmail, but I doubt that’s unique)

Example(actual url truncated):


Note the double wrapping.

Expected result

This link is bad, and should not do anything.

Actual result

The entire Obsidian interface goes blank. No hotkeys work. The only way out is to use the menu options to navigate back, which redraws the interface and everything seems fine.


  • Operating system: Mac
  • Obsidian version: 0.6.7
  • Using custom CSS: Notable

Additional information

A double wrapped markdown url to an http address seems to click as per normal.

This seems to occur with any malformed URI scheme:

[webmaster](mail}to:[email protected])
[webmaster]([mailto:[email protected])
[webmaster](:[email protected])
[webmaster](mail%41to:[email protected])

Clicking on any of those links in 0.6.5 navigates the editor to a blank white page. Navigation via alt+left restores the editor interface.

@mediapathic is this fixed?
I can’t repro on 0.7

yes, it’s fixed in 0.7.0.