Making Readwise quotes more readable

Hey, I just started using Obsidian this week and was wondering whether there exists an automated solution for what I’m trying to achieve with Readwise exported quotes. After reading a book, I end up with hundreds of quotes from it that I would like to go over on a regular basis (I would be creating separate notes only for the subset of those quotes). I distinguish between different types of quotes (“ordinary/casual”, important and definitions) by using 3-4 highlight colors in my Kindle app.

When those get imported into Obsidian from Readwise, they end up looking like this:

What I would like to happen is for the tags with color highlights to be removed and the quotes colored accordingly, i.e. something like this (the lack of tag should mean yellow color by default):

Ideally, one could go a step further to improve readability even more and transform each quote into a Callout Quote for them to stand apart from each other:

But that’s a secondary ask. Is there a plugin or some automated expression/coding structure that would help me achieve my first goal with regards to automated quote (bullet point) coloring based on the color from the tag?

I actually found the answer. One has to use a custom Highlight template after enabling “Use Custom Formatting” on the Readwise website with settings for Obsidian export:

> [!QUOTE]
> - <mark style="background: #{{ 'ADCCFFA6' if highlight_tags and highlight_tags[0] == 'blue' else 'FFB8EBA6' if highlight_tags and highlight_tags[0] == 'pink' else 'FFF3A3A6' }};">{{ highlight_text }}</mark>{% if highlight_location and highlight_location_url %} ([{{highlight_location}}]({{highlight_location_url}})){% elif highlight_location %} ({{highlight_location}}){% endif %}{% if highlight_note %}
>    - Note: {{ highlight_note }}{% endif %}

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