Making it easier to star notes

Currently a note can only be starred through the context menu in the file pane. That means I have to navigate to the note in a folder hierarchy.

A note cannot be starred in the search result list, not can it be starred in the edit/view pane.

It would be nice to be able to star notes in all three places.

Two additional ways to star:

  1. Type in “star” in command palette;
  2. Set a hotkey for “star/unstar current file” in Settings - Hotkey.

Any chance either would help?

Both alternatives would work for the note in the current edit/view pane, I guess.
As a temporary solution both would be ok. But long term a more visual way of doing it would be nice :wink:

You can do it here too, is that convenient enough?


Hm… you’re right! Did not see that :frowning: Sorry. Means I search note, select the note, then star it thru this menu. Yes, should do it for now :wink:

I guess in that workflow it would ideal to be able to star it right from the search result. That sounds more like a long term feature request though, feel free to open that one if you want.

Closing this for now, thanks!

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