Making deep links easier

Currently I can deep link to headlines inside pages. That’s not as fine grained as Roam makes linking (where I can link to any “paragraph” (block)), but I find it ok for now :wink: Maybe even better in the long run because it makes you think a little bit more about structure, but not too much. I just started with Obsidian and need to play around with it.

However: Headlines are no first class citizens in search during linking. After [[ only page titles appear. That means I have to know in which page a certain headline is defined.
To me that makes easy interconnection between thoughts harder than necessary.

Why not show page names and headlines as search results for auto completion? Or if I know that I’m looking for a headline, why not accept a # as the first character and then only show page headlines across pages?

In Roam link search results after [[ are across page names and blocks. Very convenient!


At present it is a 2 stage process…

  1. Type [[ and you will be prompted with page / file names.
  2. Once you’ve selected the appropriate one, type # and you are now prompted with the headings within that page / file.

Are you suggesting that all pages and headings should be shown as a single step after the initial [[ ?

I think that could get quite overwhelming in a vault with thousands of files, each containing numerous headings.

One issue to consider is uniqueness, what if you use the same headers across multiple notes? I guess Obsidian could show those headers with the filename, much like Obsidian handles same filenames in multiple folders.

Yes, I think some context can be provided, e.g. some heading in some folder/some file

Yes, if I type [[some then all starting with “some” are shown, which might not be that many. But if it’s just [[s then all starting with “s” - and that can be many.

Now, if I type [[#some then all headlines starting “some” in all files are listed. Yes, that might be many - but the number of entries can always be overwhelming. Which means the search ultimately needs to become more sophisticated anyway.

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Yes, I would actually like to see link autocomplete become a fully-featured search like quick switcher