Making an external link to a Devon Think 3 database


The more I find out about Osidian, the more curious I become. But, I have really no background to be asking this question.

I have a lot of information stored in Devonthink 3.

From the Devonthink file menu, I got an external link to a database in devonthink. It looks like this:

I understand that the syntax to make the link is:
[Link text goes here](x-devonthink-item://lotsofletters)

I am not sure how I would use this.

I tried
My database name

A pop up came up copy URL. I am not sure what I should do. Devonthink is on my computer.

This is not a very important issue, but I am trying to understand how things are setup.

Thank You

I use x-devonthink-item:// links all the time. It’s not clear from your post how you’re formatting “my database name”—can you paste what you used for that fenced in backticks (i.e., like code)?

A working link would look like this:
[Some DEVONthink group or record](x-devonthink-item://AAC1933E-AE21-4B80-828A-6B4C3FCE66D0)
Such that if I write it without code fencing…
Some DEVONthink group or record
I can click that from anywhere and jump to a record in my inbox. (Edit: except for here, apparently; I suppose Discourse doesn’t allow non-HTTPS links…)

I am a stranger to markdown file and code language. I am not sure if I am actually talking about the tag custom css. Probably not.

@ave54 else said [pretty filename](<file:///path to file with spaces.extension>) which will create a clickable link in preview titled “pretty filename”.

I really want to go to a specific note in Devonthink 3. What I am giving you is a link to the database. I am not sure how I would use the link to go to the database.

This is a real example that does nothing. Probably I have included some wrong characters.
[Daphne indica](file:///./rtf/2/Daphne indica.rtf)

I found the path by clicking on the information icon.

I would appreciate any help.
Thank you

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Sorry to be so late in replying. Thank you for your reply.

Not sure what “code fencing” is. I don’t know much about code.
For example, the title of the note is “Zinc lecture mangia” The path is “/rtf/e/Zinc lecture mangia.rtf” I go to the DT3 Menu and click on copy link. I get this: x-devonthink-item://312F8596-2F75-46E9-9A50-3AA15E7D5826

I was assuming that the name of the file was what you call a DEVONthink group or record.

Zinc lecture mangia

I past the above into a Obsidian file. Clicking on it, I expect to be taken to that file in DT3. Nothing happens.

I tried putting ``` and ` (Maybe that is code fencing) around the above link to DT3, but nothing happens.

That is code fencing. It prevents the markdown parser from rendering the text, showing instead the raw text you’re using.

Could you do that here, so that I can see what your links look like before they are rendered? E.g.,

`write your link like this` 

This is the fenced in code that I think should work but does not work.

[Zinc lecture mangia] (x-devonthink-item://312F8596-2F75-46E9-9A50-3AA15E7D5826)

Yes, that shows the problem. There is a space between the ] and the (.

Thank you. I cannot see the space. I should make a template to avoid this problem. Again, I appreciate you attention.
Ellen Madono

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