Making a tag group in graph view doesn't work

i have a note with a tag called #a .I created a tag group in the graph view for this tag and colored it red. However the tag in the graph doesn’t seem to change color to red. See picture. …am i doing something wrong?

The main node of the local graph is not affected by any tag groups. It’s shown as the active node. Your code should work for other nodes in my experience.

In addition the tag node it self is not affected either.

Thanks for your reply Holroy. I see I misunderstood how graph groups work.

To clarify what I want to do…I have a series of individual tags that file under either “group 1” or “group 2”. I wanted to be able to look at the graph view and be able to determine by color, which tags are part of “group 1” and which tags are part of “group 2”. That’s the reason why I wanted the tags to be colored by group. Do you happen to know of any way that Obsidian can do this? Thanks again!

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