Making a list of files I've created today

What I’m trying to do

This may be a bit basic, as I’m very new to obsidian (and newer still to the help forum here) but I am having so much trouble trying to come up with a list of all of the files I’ve created today, to put into a template for a daily note. I’m not sure if I’m missing a necessary plug in, but I’ve tried a bunch of people’s suggestions throughout forums, and none of the code blocks actually seem to… do anything.

Things I have tried

I’ve got these set up (one on edit, one on read) but on read, they don’t show any lists! Just sit there.

What can I do? Am I missing something obvious? Is it glitching? I have definitely created new notes today.

This works for me using the dataview plugin. Not my original work but that’s what the forum is for🙂.

From "" and -"Daily Notes" and -"Journal"
Where file.cday = this.file.cday
Sort asc

For these queries to work you need to have the Dataview community plugin installed, and the query needs to be in a code block of the type dataview.

In other words something like:

WHERE file.cday = this.created

In the examples you’ve given you got code blocks of type javaScript and yaml. They need to be dataview.

As it was mentioned above, you need to have the Dataview plugin installed, and your queries need to be code blocked.

This is my variant of query with some differences:

  • I use property created for filtering notes instead of .cday metadata (in case of corrupting metadata while transferring files between different file systems)
  • Shows the time when notes were created
  • Nested in a callout for a fancy view and collapsing


## Statistics 

> [!note|noicon]+ New notes today
> ```dataview
> LIST dateformat(created, "HH:mm")
> WHERE dateformat(created, "yyyy-MM-dd") = dateformat(this.created, "yyyy-MM-dd")
> SORT created DESC
> ```


Hope, it might help!

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