Making a Ledger using Tables and Buttons

Things I have tried

I have tried asking in the discord, I have found some similar projects online but using dataview, not tables like I want.

What I’m trying to do

I may be way out of my depth, but this seems like something that should be possible with the right commands in the right buttons. I am looking to make a ledger to keep track of how much money my dad and I owe each other. I wanted to use the tables plugin to make a table with 3 columns, Date, item and amount. I want a button that allows me to add a line, it automatically puts in today’s date and makes a textbox into which I can input the item and the amount. The reason why I say a textbox is because I would like to be able to interact with this note entirely from the “view” mode, not the edit mode. I may need to try something less ambitious as my first project, but I feel like all the tools are there, I just need to be more adept at using them.

This is the table using dataview and buttons to make a similar thing to my idea, I think.

There is a Ledger plugin that may be close to what you want. It is set up to display the ledger in graph form and as a list or transactions rather than as a table though.

List of transactions is perfect!

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