Making a custom command/putting selected text inbetween specific code(?)

hi, i’d like to know whether it is possible to do something like this:

if you select a text and press Ctrl + B, you get your text bold, or you put this selected text inbetween double asterisks. same with brackets: when you select a text and type (, your text automatically gets into the brackets

What I’m trying to do

my question is: can i anyhow do the same thing, but with custom command prompt i guess? what i want to do is some commant which allowed me to select text and put certain text before and after that, for example: select a text, hotkey, and i get selected text. or selected text

Things I have tried

nothing. i don’t know how, i have not found anything on this topic, can be due to my poor googling skills

Check out:

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this is exactly what i need omg. thank you!

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