Make use of Jump Lists in Windows 10

@arcandio posted a nifty hack that allows making use of jump lists under Windows to directly access a particular vault or page from the task bar. Since it is buried in a feature request thread, I’m re-postiong it here.

This is really helpful for Windows users, particularly if you have multiple vaults.

Essentially, you create a shortcut on your desktop or in some special folder that has the Obsidian URL (a URL starting with obsidian:// that can be generated with the “Copy Obsidian URL” command) of the page or just the vault as target. Then you drag that shortcut to the task bar. Now if you right-click on the Obsidian icon on the task bar, you will see all of these shortcuts in the jump list, and you can directly access them without starting Obsidian first.


Unfortunately this is no longer possible in Windows 11, can anyone confirm is this is also broken for them using the same OS?


i can confirm this doesnt appear to work in w11. dragging shortcuts to the taskbar is no longer supported.


Since it works for other programs, I hope this can be re-enabled again.

Its a great timesaver when choosing which Vault to open.