Make use of "collapsed:: true"

AFAIK there is no way for Obsidian to remember which paragraphs are folded, which makes it difficult/annoying to navigate longer pages.

Logseq just writes “collapsed:: true” under the top line and then masks it. Is there a way for Obsidian to make use of that line and fold those paragraphs when showing a page?

There is a plugin called Creases that may be useful.

I saw that, but if I understand correctly, you manually need to put “%% fold %%” wherever you want to fold the text (i.e. every single paragraph) and then use commands to fold and unfold it. This seems like an awful lot of work, and if Obsidian ever gets a native folding feature (which seems logical), it would leave a lot of useless clutter all over your database

How are you folding paragraphs? I thought we could only fold heading sections and sub-lists.