Make Things3 work better with Obsidian

I’ve been a things3 user for a long time, and started Obsidian recently. Both of them are really awesome, it would be better that they could work well together. So here the plugin “Obsidian Things3 Sync” came.

This is a Plugin for syncing between Obsidian and Things3. Supporting with Multi Language, Tags and Date, Cross-Platform.

As for the latest ver 1.0.2, it has the following features:

  • Support Mac OS and iOS.

  • Support Multiple Language when creating todo.

  • Support Todo Tags. You can just add tags after todo, or add default tags in setting.

  • Support Capture Date, if you the file has a Date in it, it will capture the date when create the todo.

Hope you guys like this, and the plugin can really offer convenience and efficiency for your workflow.

Any suggestion or feature request is welcome, the future roadmap is listed on the repo.


Thank you, I’d been long waiting for something like this. Look forward to taking it for a spin :innocent:

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