Make #tags clickable in Edit mode too [SOLVED]

Right now #tags are only clickable in Preview mode. When I create/amend notes and add a #tags, I have to revert to Preview every time I want to click on a #tag. It would be more convenient if one can click from Edit mode.

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I think this all will be resolved in the forthcoming WYSIWYG mode.


Ctrl+click or Cmd+click on the tag to click it from edit mode.


Yes, that works. I looked at that before, but hovering over the #tag and pressing Cmd (in my case) does not change the cursor into an arrow. So I did not take the step to click. Now I did, and it works. Thanks a lot.

Can you tell me how to close an issue, please?

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I wouldn’t delete the thread—it’s useful for others, too, if they search for a similar issue. The [SOLVED] you added to the topic title is fine!

OK, I’ll leave it as it is. Thanks for your advice @ryanjamurphy.

Wait! There’s an actual wysiwyg mode coming? I thought that was “icky” for most people?

That’s awesome if it is!

See the roadmap: