Make tables use full width, keeping readable line length

Things I have tried

csv plugins
various snippets with css

What I’m trying to do

I do have a table for keeping track of some data. Nothing to fancy.
I really want to use Obsidian for this, since my whole workflow is based on obsidian. I don’t want to use another program just to keep track of a simple table.
I also like the way tables work in obsidian, the only thing that is really bad is. The readable line length option makes all text stuff nice to look at, but that makes lines too small for tables.
My plan is, do define a custom css style for those tables, which also makes them use the full width.
For example i really like the styles of this here.
I don’t really know CSS, so if somebody can tell me how I could make the “wideTable” argument in the aforementioned CSS style to use the full width, I’d be grateful.

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You can try my snippet (link below). It has wide table option by specifying this at the top of your markdown note

cssClass: wide-table

The rest of your notes

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