Make Obsidian Publish more customizable

I decided to purchase a website for obsidian publish to support this project. This is my first day I have to confess my expectations were probably too high, I am taking time to make this post not to whine but to provide feedback in aspects I feel can be improved:

  • Graph view has a lot of potential but in its current state users cannot get much value from it, especially with Obsidian publish. There is no way to filter nodes, we can’t color-code notes belonging to the same category and when using graph view on central pages with many connection it becomes overwhelming. It would be useful to enable embedding of custom graph view within pages, maybe allow users to filter and save graphs having custom filters and color-coded groups.
  • panel view - it’s good to have the option but once a panel is open it is impossible to close without having to refresh the page, can we please add a “close panel” button?
  • Plugins - This was probably the most disappointing part for me. Obsidian publish does not allow to use plugins. The community has made some great plugins and for me they are part of the obsidian experience, Obisian publish without plugins is less exciting. Do you plan to support at least the most popular plugins? Or at least include more core plugins?
    If I knew of all the limitations I don’t know if I would have purchased an obsidian publish package, for sure not at full price. I hope more functionalities will be added with future updates.

Sorry to revive an old thread, but I have a similar frustration. I’ve been using publish for a while now, and the graph view lacking colorGroups for nodes is very disappointing. I was expecting Publish to sync my graph settings, but my online graph looks extremely monotone and cluttered. On my local vault, I can color the nodes by filename prefixes that I use. But there is no option for this in Publish. (This is one of the big reasons I am looking at competitors to publish now, especial open-source ones)

I understand that plugins are a little too much to ask of publish though. Some of the most popular plugins would put a lot of strain on the server, which would eat into their margins.


it’s sad that after 7 months nothing has been fixed, I am also considering alternatives to publish. It’s a pity, it could have been better.

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To others considering alternatives, you may want to start using more standard markdown. For instance, image embeds.
I am trying to test alternatives, but my embedded images are broken in everything I try because obsidian used ![[My Image.png]] for embedding images by default. My data is not nearly as portable as I had hoped…
So now I am trying to find a way to convert 2500 embedded images to the style ![description](my-image.png). While I contemplate it, I am mindlessly going through my files converting them manually because I am not optimistic.