Make obsidian omnipotent for daily management!

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Enhance Obsidian to be an all-encompassing solution for daily management
Lyubishchev - time record and management

toggl track Toggl Track: Time Tracking Software for Any Workflow

integrating -
a daily timer that allows time tracking and rercord like features in toggl track

Pomodoro - UI friendly Pomodoro

Eisenhower Matrix (4-quadrant time management system),

habit tracker

Enable task archiving and the seamless creation of events within the Daily folder (Daily Notes folder/named folder with the current date/Events). This feature allows for effortless organization of notes in the Daily Notes folder, with sorting based on the date and tasks neatly categorized under each respective date.

@zettelstraum Core plugin for dealing with tasks and dates - #5 by Jopp

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