Make it easier to see updateable plugins and their changelog links

Use case or problem

When viewing your currently-installed plugins, if you want to try to view changelogs for any that have available updates, you need to individually click on each plugin, load the details, then click the changelog/latest release link in there.

Then, to check the changelog of the next plugin with updates, you need to go back to the full plugins list, and scroll down to whatever the next plugin was (since going back to the full list resets your scroll position). It’s a pain.

Proposed solutions

I see a few potential solutions (though salves may be more appropriate for some):

  1. If a plugin in the list has an available update (ie. if you would render an Update button), append the changelog link after the description, so it’s more easily accessible. (Or something similar in effect, like a button or clickable icon.) The ideal.

  2. Offer a filter option in the “installed community plugins” screen to show only those with updates. Would be a nice QoL addition, making it easier to see what can be updated (which can be annoying with lots of plugins installed).

  3. When clicking a plugin on the “installed community plugins” screen to open the plugin details, remember and restore the scroll position for when the plugin details screen is then closed.

Options 1 and 2 would complement each other nicely.


Remembering and restoring the scroll position when navigating through settings would be great. Not for just this use-case, but generally.

Even better, show changelogs when or before updating and why not adding a checked box for installation