Make it easier to recover accidentally deleted files

Use case or problem

Set up: I have Obsidian’s “Deleted files” configured to “Move to system trash”, and env is Mac OSX Catalina with Obsidian 0.9.15.

Use-case: If 1) I accidentally delete a file from within Obsidian (either by right-clicking → Delete or by keyboard shortcut, and then 2) I press cmd+z or select “Edit → Undo”, nothing happens.

If I go to the system’s trash and I right click on the deleted note, the usual “Put back” menu option isn’t there and I can’t double-click to open the file and copy-paste the contents because you can’t open files while they’re in OSX’s system trash.

Proposed solution

  • Make Undo and cmd+z actually undo delete file operations if the file still exists.
  • Make files sent to the system’s trash have a “Put back” menu option so that it’s easier to recover them if for some reason you can’t recover them from within Obsidian.

Current workaround (optional)

I have to open the system’s trash and manually move the file to my vault.


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