Make it easier to manage which pages are published

Use case or problem

As an Obsidian Publish user, I’m looking for a more intuitive and visible way to manage which pages are published.

My typical flow (and I think this would be common), is to publish at most one or two new pages at a time, but the current UI forces the user to consider all the documents in their vault at once.

Proposed solution

I see two different ways of achieving this:

  1. Create a new frontmatter variable which is just a boolean, ie.
 public: true

The downside here is that when publishing linked files, you’d need to modify multiple files to add this value.

  1. Provide a publication status indicator in the status bar (ie. bottom right hand side).

This indicator would have three states: published, not-published, modified.

Clicking on this indicator would allow you to change the publication status of the page.

I prefer the second approach.


1 was implemented a long time ago.

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