Make Excalidraw a core plugin

It seems that the excalidraw is the most important community plugin here to maintain competition with onenote and notion. The Obsidian teams should be adding a premium support for this plugin.

Slim. H.-K.


i agree with you on the value of this plugin and of course, deep integration is important. But on the other hand, the plugin maintainer @zsviczian updates it monthly if not more frequently. It is feature rich.

Just curious what more we would expect?

Also, in the case of this plugin, it is getting love on a regular basis. If it gets included in the product, it may not be easy for obsidian dev’s to keep moving it forward as Zsolt has.

I was simply looking for obsidian markdown support. Currently, we can’t write in Excalidraw as we do in normal Obsidian markdown file. The formatting in a text block is very limited. For instance, we can’t apply style (font size, bold etc…) or use multiple wikilinks [[ ]] inside a given text block (the change apply only to the text block as a whole which is very annoying). No table feature too. This keeps me from using this plugin beside basic diagram. My dream was to have something like OneNote that currently only Xournal++ can be an alternative of.

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