Make DataBase inside only 1 note

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to make database of my tolls for garage.
Basic table is enough for my purpose, but it’s unintuitive to edit.

Plugin DB Folder is ideal WYSIWYG cover, but
every time I create new row it create new note.

How to make whole database (with content) inside only 1 note?
Without Note1, Note2 …

Things I have tried

Advanced Tables
Obsidian Excel to Markdown Table

You should be looking at the Dataloom plugin :wink: It’s basically a database inside a special “loom”-type note, and allows you to create rows without creating notes for them.

Or if you prefer Excel-style sheet databases, you have the Excel plugin as well.

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That will be ideal.

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Basic tables will be more intuitive to edit in the near future. A new table editor feature is currently being tested by Catalyst users.


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