Make copy-to-system-clipboard the default for vim mode

Things I have tried

Installing the vimrc community plugin and adding a .obsidian.vimrc file at the root of the vault with the contents “set clipboard=unnamed” is a workaround. But it isn’t wonderful, whereas most of Obsidian is beautiful and generally easy to use.

What I’m trying to do

I’d like to use vim mode without having to install a community plugin to make copy/paste work.

It has been documented before that copy/paste is kind of broken when toggling vim mode on. The only way to “export” highlighted text to another app is to right-click with mouse & use the pop-up menu.

I’d suggest an option to make copy-to-clipboard something that can be toggled, but if that is not possible or doesn’t fit the design goals, I think a default-working copy-to-system-clipboard would be a generous alternative.

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Yeah, this is my biggest current issue with Obsidian. I never have figured out how to make the vimrc plugin work either.

For those with a similar issue:

Only workaround that seems to work on my Win11 machine is manually typing :unmap <C-c> upon starting Obsidian. The same line doesn’t seem to do anything from inside the .obsidian.vimrc file the VimRC plugin provides. It’s not the worst workaround because it persists until a restart, which is infrequent for me, but it’s still less than ideal.

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I’m using the Vimrc support plugin to make copy work. As mentioned here There is no system clipboard in VIM mode - #4 by WhiteNoise