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Is there a way to make a Timeline something like this, Using Dataview Dynamically?

r/ObsidianMD - Make a timeline

I have a Journal folder with Highlight metadata. I would like to use that make this dynamically. Using ITS theme callout I can generate them but they are static.

[!timeline|t-l] Title Subtitle
Left aligned timeline piece

[!timeline|t-r] Title Subtitle
Right aligned timeline piece

[!timeline|t-l] Title Subtitle
Spaced timeline piece

r/ObsidianMD - Make a timeline

Is there a way to do this dynamically, i.e. have the callouts as output of the Dataview query?

Great idea!

I would also love to see options for multiple timelines. Writers and historical researchers would greatly benefit from this and something like this might evolve into general project management

dv.table(["File Name"], dv.pages('"Journal"').where(b => b.highlight!=null).sort(b =>, 'desc').limit(10)
		 .map(b => [ "> [!timeline|t-l] " + + " <br> " + b.highlight]))

Results for:

Can a if component be added to it, so that if the index is even or odd I can use “> [!timeline|t-r]” to move timeline callout to right?

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