Main Obsidian file(s) not in hard drive

Trying to locate original download of Obsidian.
Hard drive and External drive not showing any evidence of it being on C/H drive.

What would be the best way to look for original .exe type file?
No success in various types of searches.

2023-08-18 Obsidian on Cdrive

The executable’s PATH is C:\Users\<yourusername>\AppData\Local\Obsidian\Obsidian.exe.

Your path worked fine but I’m unclear if/what to click on?

Copy exe and paste in directory as shortcut. Move shortcut to desktop. Is it what’s needed?

Obsidian is on my C drive (assumed) and has be working fine for last 8 months.
For some reason I can’t seem to find it on my main drive…anywhere.

As a side note, this may be why Excalidraw is not functioning…? don’t know.

I’m sorry but I don’t understand your problem. The file is there and you are clearly at the vault picker.

I’m trying to locate where the main vault is so I can access scripts.
Trying to add Excalidraw scripts.
Unable to locate them even though I have put others in script folder.

You must know the main vault’s name. Open Obsidian, download/install Excalidraw scripts. Specify folder in settings.

Snippets folder is empty?

Is this the folder you are speaking of to add snippets for Excalidraw?

Snippets have nothing to do with Excalidraw, to my knowledge. The scripts folder default to Excalidraw/Scripts/Downloaded, if I’m not mistaken.

I’m an idiot…hopefully this should work?
Created a separate folder in Excalidraw setup.

PS…this type of info is hard to come by…for the NON tech like me. :slight_smile:

In the left part of this picture you can see the list of vaults. The path of each vault is shown under its name.

This is what I have set up so far.
Is this correct? Or, do I need to go into Excalidraw and add ‘Downloaded’ to my path?

Don’t completely understand if each individual script need a separate folder?
ie, Excalidraw/Scripts - in the ‘Scripts’ folder should there be individual sub-folders for each of his (Zsolt) features???

No, when you install the scripts one by one, they will be downloaded to ./Downloaded. All of them in there.

I propose you go into Obsidian and start doing it. Zsolt’s software won’t bite.

So, I do need to add in … /Downloaded …in the setup.

LOL…To think I am a retired architect/builder and have such a tough time…with all these snippet stuff.