Maim and xclip pasting screenshot --> Obsidian freezes

Copy Paste large screenshot from clipboard into Obsidian vault.

I am trying to copy paste a screenshot that is saved in my clipboard (tools used: maim, xclip) command: maim -s | xclip -selection clipboard -t image/png .
Expected behaviour: So I select the section I want to copy and then I go to my Obsidian vault and paste it.

Actual behaviour: I select the section to be snipped and go to my Obsidian vault and then Obsidian freezes completely. I can not do anything, unless I pkill xclip then everything starts working again. I would like to have a working and reliable screenshot tool I can use with one keybinding. Do you have any suggestions on what tool I could use / how I can fix/troubleshoot this issue?

Thanks for you feedback.

It will be important to provide information about your operating system. The commands you show may be specific to your operating system. Currently, I can guess that you are using a Linux system on X11.