Magnet link mistakenly recognized as hyperlink


macos 14

obsidian V1.4.16 (latest)
no plugin

bug description:
when pasting magnet links into a file in obsidian, obsidian will automatically recognized them as hyperlinks.


I think it a better way that those links should be stored as plain texts.
After all, such links can not be clicked or opened correctly.

Thank you for reading this but report, your work is amazing.

I’m not sure how Source and Live Preview modes are supposed to parse Magnet links, but they are unclickable when you switch to Reading view.

You could try them as inline code


or in a code block:



Thank your for your answer, however, magnet links are kind of complex, for they might contain some real hyperlinks like this. And those links will be clickable even in Reading View.

and another view

(both in Reading View and in Editing view, magnet links are mistakenly parsed)

new output uploaded.

I don’t know how Magnet links are / should be handled, but redacted screenshots don’t help here.

Post a full Magnet link (in a code block) displaying the issue, and the team can have a look.

In the mean time, you can treat them as code as mentioned above.

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