MagicCalendar - AI Powered Calendar

Hello guys!
I’m currently developing MagicCalendar, an Obsidian plugin that allows a seamless synchronisation between your notes and your calendar of choice (at the moment only Google Calendar and Apple Calendar have been implemented but more will follow shortly).
The idea is pretty simple: You write something and, if you want, it gets added to your calendar:

Do you want to embed your calendar events in your notes? With a straightforward syntax, it's possible to get your events directly in Markdown:

You can interact with the embedded events by dragging and dropping them, immediately synchronising the related remote calendar too. If you're using Apple Calendar your embedded events are synchronised in real-time (2-way real-time sync).
The plugin was born as "iCalObsidianSync", a plugin thought specifically for Apple Calendar and has now been extended to support any remote calendar that exposes a set of APIs for authentication and CRUD operations on events.

If you’re curious you can find everything you need here

Any feedback is much appreciated, thanks for your time!


Update! Magic Calendar is now part of the community plugins