Magic, "One Click," Dynalist search results—Yes!

Dear user/fan,

Have you seen how dynalist displays search results?

It’s magic. And there’s nothing else out there like it.

Try it out if you haven’t yet. (You could watch the video I’ve linked too).

Why is it so amazing?

Because… in dynalist, when you search for something, right after you hit “enter/return”, your page is filled with everything you just searched for—fully rendered; right there—without having to click through results.

  • Pictures (that match your search query) are displayed—fully rendered,
  • Text (that matches your search query) are displayed—fully rendered,
  • Everything (that matches your search query) is displayed—fully rendered

All you have to do is hit enter and everything is “there.”

The search is so good, it’s almost as if dynalist was “built… to search… for stuff”


So that’s my (humble) request: to have a magic, one-click search, that renders the search results, similar to the way dynalist does it.

I don’t code. I imagine this is a harder ask than I could fathom.

I just haven’t seen it asked yet, and this must be asked.


A note to Erica and Shida:

You guys build stuff with serious magic sauce.

Obsidian KICKS serious butt! (and Dynalist too).

How do I pay?


How do I pay?

See! :money_with_wings:


This is exactly what the 4-month old request made by @goodsignal is about. You are welcome to upvote it.

Filtering Everywhere!



I spent 10 minutes looking at the post you linked to. Couldn’t figure out the similarity aside from, “show me folders that contain notes with a particular #Tag like #ActiveProject”. (Not knocking that post, or person, just trying to clarify).

Keep in mind, it may be because I don’t know what Booleans are nor how Booleans would “look”. So I looked up Booleans. Freaked me out.

Booleans: “denoting a system of algebraic notations used to represent logical propositions 0(false) and 1(true)".

That sounds like “roam" stuff. Am i wrong? Because, Roam Is complex. Roam is “bracket-happy”. Searching in roam requires many, many brackets. That’s complicated.

Dynalist nor obsidian are complex (On the surface at least). They’re simple and thought out. That’s the kind of search I’d like. I’d like a “pretty,” “simple,” “magic” search, that works, looks, and operates like they made in Dynalist. It’s something I’ve only see these devs make.

Do i just not understand the Booleans thing? Is it a “Forest through the trees” kind of thing? I could be smelling cedar right now.

Booleans are an fundamental concept of logic that have existed for literally millennia. A predicate is either true or false. There’s literally nothing more to it.
Then you start to build proposals and requests.

When you work with AND, all the predicates in the proposal have to be true for the proposal to be true.
If (It’s sunny) AND (it’s Sunday) I go for a walk

OR means any predicate in the proposal that is true makes the proposal true
If (It’s a work day) OR (I’m darn late on work) I work

This is extremely basic search functionality. I would suggest looking that up, Wikipedia will be enough to get you started.


That @anon41901724, makes a lot of sense. Thanks for taking the time to explain it.

So when you search for, let’s say “box”, and then, for example, the search results in the below image are returned, is what you’re seeing the results of a “B” (AND) “O” (AND) “X” boolean?

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Yes, with the additional (unspoken) condition here that the letters must be contiguous and in that order. (That’s actually regular expression territory, but you don’t need to know that.) Boolean syntax is at the heart of any search engine. Google applies a default AND to your search terms for instance.