Made a mistake and merged a WEBM file with a Day Planner file. Help!

Things I have tried

I have tried looking within the markdown files in their folders to see what I could do. Also tried searching online a bit for questions related to undoing actions on obsidian.
So far, I’m not finding anything that could help with my specific situation.

I’m honestly at a loss so far and I fear I may have accidently corrupted a file (opening the weird merged file causes obsidian to lag quite a bit).

What I’m trying to do

I’d like to see if there’s anyway possible to recover my original files before they were merged. The merged file seems to have code that might belong to the audio file, but I’m not 100% sure. I don’t want to proceed with making any changes with the file or even anything within it’s vault because I’m afraid of making another mistake. Am leaving everything as is for now.
Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you!

So… I can’t necessarily fix your problem. I can help you fix the problem if it happens again.

Option 1: File Recovery Plugin
This plugin is one of Obsidian’s core plugins. See if it’s enabled.

If so, go to File Recovery under Plugin Options, click View Snapshots, search for your file, pick the latest version from before you merged the file, copy the contents to your clipboard, and paste it into your file to replace the merged content.

Option 2: Git (or another VCS)
Because this file is a day planner, a VCS (Version Control System) may not be the best solution, as you’d have had to run the VCS prior to merging the files but after you wrote useful content to that file. I have a git repository of my vault, and every night (at least when I remember) I run a git commit of all files in my vault. If I ever need to know what a file looked like on a given day, I can go to that commit and see, keeping it if need be.

Option 3: OneDrive
Is your vault in your OneDrive? If so, you can recover past versions of the file through onedrive sync.

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