MacOS System Keybinds Overriden by Obsidian

Steps to reproduce

  1. New install.
  2. Press Command + H, which is a hotkey used for hiding the window.

Expected result

Window hides.

Actual result

Find and Replace Opens.


  • Operating system:
    MacOS (any)
  • Obsidian version:

Additional information

It’s a system key combination in MacOS, it would be wise to not use it on MacOS by default.


I agree that it shouldn’t be default. For the time being, if anyone is having problem, it can be changed by going to Preferences (⌘,) → Hotkeys → Search & replace in current file.

I have set it to ⌘⇧F so it’s easier to remember.


Yeah, it’s a simple change in the keybinds section thankfully!

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This seems to be caused by the inconsistency between operating systems. Apologies that neither of us are macOS users. From Wikipedia:


I’m surprised that both “Find” and “Find & Replace” use Cmd-F. How does that work?

We can implement OS specific hotkey for this action, but not sure how if they both use Cmd-F.

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That wiki page is incorrect. There is no system-wide standard “Search and replace” / “Find and replace” keybinding on MacOS.

The attached screen shot shows that Apple’s own TextEdit program binds option+command+f as the “Find and replace” shortcut.

Here are Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines for developers which shows the reserved and expected shortcuts.

As the reporter stated, it would be great to have command+h back as the “Hide Windows” shortcut. Thanks!


And ⌘G for next search result.

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+1 Two things I noticed on day 1 of using Obsidian as inconsistencies compared to other macOS Apps:

  • Cmd-H should hide the application
  • Cmd-Shift-W should close the window (like if I had multiple vaults open and wanted to close the focused one)
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Updated the thread ti tle to “MacOS System Keybinds Overriden by Obsidian” to reflect this.

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⌘G not working for next search result is annoying (and ⌘+Shift+G for previous), and there is no way to re-map them.

In 0.10.1, Search and replace now has a new default hotkey on macOS Cmd+Option+F.

The rest of the shortcuts mentioned in this thread are not overridden, so I think you should search/open a feature request for those.

The request to provide options for remapping hotkeys for the Find and Replace functionality has been open for 18 months. The request does not ask for a change in the function, only that the ability to remap the hotkeys be provided.

Can the change be given a higher priority?