macOS option left/right doesn't function

What I’m trying to do

To the best of my knowledge option left/right in macOS is identical to ctrl left/right in windows for forward / back by word. holding shift allows for selecting text word by word.

Using option left/right works in every other macOS app I have tried except obsidian. I find it very unhelpful to only have command left/right (equivalent to home / end) and letter by letter navigation as the only options.

Things I have tried

I looked in the keybindings as well as searching google, reddit, and the forums, but I only saw people saying it’s an issue and asking for help with this issue.

I will not be able to use obsidian on my new Mac if I cannot efficiently navigate and select text.

I found the issue, navigate forward/back were also using that keybinding. I think this is because I synced the keybindings from a windows install

I would like to be able to track only changed bindings and sync those instead of all or none

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Obsidian Sync has a setting to not sync hotkeys between certain devices (the {VAULT}/.obsidian/hotkeys.json file). I don’t sync my hotkeys between win and macOS devices for the reason you mentioned above.

Other than that, I don’t know of a vanilla way to prevent sync or have it be more granular than the entire file. There may be a plugin that can handle this.

What do you use to sync? I know with Syncthing and git you can ignore/exclude certain files from syncing. Maybe there’s something to investigate there.