MacOS-only: Command + H is bound to "Search & replace in current file" by default (overriding Hide Obsidian)

Steps to reproduce

  • Fresh install of obsidian
  • Press command + H.

Expected result

  • Obsidian should be hidden.

Actual result

The command is swallowed by “Search & replace in current file”

I know I can manually override this from the preferences; however, I think this is a bad default given that command+h is standard across all MacOS apps.


  • Operating system:
  • Obsidian version:
  • Using custom CSS:

Additional information


I signed up to the forumn to report this exact problem. I hadn’t realized I could change this keybinding, so I can fix the issue for myself. Thanks!

I think Photoshop handles this well. It has a preference for CMD+H too but on a new installation, when a user hits that the first time, PS asks the user whether to use it for PS specific function or use Mac default. I think this elevates the need for having a default option and should work well for all cases.

Replaced via Hotkeys, but I think the default on macOS should be something else, that doesn’t conflict with a system-wide command.

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please… this is a MAJOR issue!

@StefanoCecere The hotkey can be remapped to something else. Does that suggestion not work for you? I humbly suggest Ctrl-H.

Also this was set to “Bug graveyard”. Was this fixed in any version of Obsidian? I can’t test it because I completely disable Cmd-H on my system using Karabiner-Elements. I absolutely loathe that Hide command.

hi, yes i remapped… but i remember i already did it some time ago… so in some way the settings resetted.
and i think the default keysetting shouldn’t remap cmd-H