MacOS "Failed to open, no permission to access folder."

Things I have tried


I’ve not found anyone with this problem on a Mac.
I’ve made Obsidian vault on an independent drive, from an independent windows installation.
I’ve booted into my Mac installation and try to access the vault(NTFS) and get permission errors. What permissions do I need? I’m not very well versed in UNIX/Mac for general purpose work, but I’m pretty sure leaving Obsidian running with admin privileges for days could lead to security issues.
Any advice would be appreciated.


What I’m trying to do

NTFS is not natively supported on mac. You’d need to go with something like exFAT which both support or buy expensive software that can read and write to the NTFS volumes

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Thanks for the reply, but I’m not sure what you mean, as I can open any folder and file (where applicable) with Mac software now.

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Hmm looks like the paid driver would be my best option.
Thanks so much for clearing that up.
I’m probably just going to go with exFAT, like you recommended earlier.

Or alternatively use some kind of a sync solution to copy the vault to MacOS.

I use Windows Bootcamp on my Mac, and sync the vault between the two.

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