[macOS] Actions for Obsidian: 38 dedicated Shortcuts actions for Obsidian — available now!

Yesterday it finally arrived: LAUNCH DAY :rocket::rocket::rocket: Actions for Obsidian v1.0 is available on the Mac App Store! (macOS 13+)

With almost 40 dedicated Shortcuts actions, it brings your notes and Apple automations together, making Obsidian a solid first-class citizen in Apple’s Shortcuts app.

App Store screenshot

I’ve sent out a newsletter about the launch, so if you want to know more about the pricing or the trial period(s), maybe have a peek at that.

Quick summary:

  • Pay what you think is fair: one license, three different prices ($9, $12, $15)
  • 14 day trial + 20 day extended trial (“extended” = feat. purchase reminders)
  • available everywhere except Russia — Хай живе Україна :ukraine:

Massive thanks to all who participated in the #TestFlight leading up to the release. I’ve learned a lot, and was reminded that 50% of every useful thing is documentation. :wink:

:books: So there’s a Knowledge Base now, which contains (among other things) docs and example for all 38 actions :tada:

:rotating_light: And finally, if you’re a reviewer: Press Kit. If I can help with your review, please do hit me up!

About half a year of work went into that app, from first idea to v1.0. I’ve gained a ton of new knowledge, started a few related projects (hello, Actions URI plugin!), and had to jump through a number of hoops to get here. It was much fun (and not so fun) work. w00p!

So nice to see this, BUT as an iPad sort of person care to offer a time frame for dropping some coin on a subscription there?:wink:

I plan on starting the first iOS TestFlight late March, early April.

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A pity you bring politics into it.

Obviously, I disagree.

It’s not “politics”, it’s doing my super-super-tiny part in condemning an unprovoked land war on my home continent. I can’t control who’s going to use my work but I can control who I am selling to. It’s not much, but I stand by it.

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Which word offends you?
Glory, or

Or is it his choice not to sell the app where he does not want too that you have an issue with?

That, by definition, IS politics.

Of course it is his choice since it is his app. Does not mean I have to agree with his choice, does it?

BTW, in this context you should use too to

That was a nit

Oh, I see :wink: