Macbook TouchBar Support

Use case or problem

Add support for the touchbar on MacBooks. Will allow adding shortcuts that help speed up the writing process

Proposed solution

TouchBar support is added to the view drop down tab (or as an addon, not sure how that would work though)

Current workaround (optional)

None - you could make Automator shortcuts, however, to add these to the touchbar you would need to make it a permeant tab which is undesirable (and two taps away)


I’m happy someone is using the touch bar, for most of us we wanted function keys back. Touch bar is one of the least features I use on my MPB, mostly to hit the ESC when in vim.

You say there are no workarounds. BetterTouchTool can be used to customize the touch bar. (And many other aspects of your mouse or keyboard or trackpad.)

The MacDown editor has touchbar support and it’s very convenient e.g. to create hyperlinks on typed text.

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I too would love support on this. I’m not familiar with electron, is it hard to create a plugin to do this?

Currently the workarounds are generally paid solutions (better touch tool) or have insufficient control to depend on the app (e.g. MTMR). Even a framework that just has some buttons that users can use to call commands (any command that can be run from Cmd-P) with these commands set by some config in settings would be amazing!