Mac UI problem on "Open Another Vault"

Hi Obsidian dev team:

  1. Turning on “Open Another Vault” on Mac 10.15 gives me a wrong composed window(with a non-adjustable size) like this

  2. And when I tried to scroll horizontally with my Logitech MX mouse, it shows the “Create” button interface.

Mac OS 10.15.6


  1. Rewrite the fixed window size, based on if there is existed vault.
  2. Prohibit the horizontal scroll.

I like your project a lot, keep up with it. Good luck!

Did you zoom in in the main app?

Yes. I did zoom-in in the main app.
I tried again zooming-out the main, and the “Open Another Vault” window is also zoomed-out. But the horizontal scroll problem persists.

And BTW, sorry for that I didn’t find that similar existed topic in another bug report.