Mac Shortcut to harmonise config folders across vaults - help wanted (in progress)

Many people ask about a common config set across vaults, or syncing configs across their vaults.

I decided to try building something in Mac Shortcuts to achieve this, by copying the .obsidian folder of the last-updated vault over those of other vaults.

Here is where I have got to so far with the Shortcut on Mac…

Shortcut: Obsidian Test for Mac 5

I’m seeking further input here. I do think something is possible to achieve this (though I’m sure there are also health warnings for why this is a bad idea). Maybe someone more switched-on than me can take this further?


  • This is unfinished.
  • It definitely throws an error around step 4.
  • It has not been tested on iOS/iPadOS.
  • It is designed to work with Obsidian vaults as stored in iCloud Drive (ie. people who also use Obsidian on iPadOS).
  • Take care when running. However, the copy piece is actually not yet implemented, so it shouldn’t be destructive.

Any views on either the approach or the next steps, please?