Mac OS (M1/Big Sur) Bugs All of a Sudden?

Bugs that Only Appear on Mac OS and not on iOS or Windows 10

I use Obsidian across a M1 Macbook Air (Big Sur), iPhone, and two Windows devices. Currently, it’s running smoothly on the Windows devices and iPhone.

This is all on the Mac OS device (M1 Macbook Air)

There are some quirks all of a sudden. There is a formatting bar along the bottom when in Edit mode that I don’t believe was there before. I’ve tried turning off all plugins—as well as running in safe mode—and it stays there.

I’m unable to search within a note while in Edit mode on Mac OS, though it still works when in Preview mode.

I’m unable to load some plugins (LanguageTool Integration, for example). However, I can load some plugins: Sliding Panes loads smoothly. However, when I unload Sliding Panes—the plugin unloads, but I get a “failed to unload” message. Again, this is exclusively on Mac OS Big Sur.

In Graph View, hovering over any node only produces about a millisecond of the title’s text before it disappears. This is using the default theme as well as alternatives like Atom.

The content of notes is successfully updating in real-time across Mac & Windows devices, and I’m using iCloud as the cloud platform.

Anyone have any ideas of what I can do to iron out these wrinkles?

Thanks very much—I adore this platform!


Just updating because I figured out what seems to have been the problem. I believe that I had downloaded Obsidian via the App Store, rather than from the Obsidian website.

After uninstalling and reinstalling via a dmg from the Obsidian website, all of those quirks are gone. I don’t know if there is some setting that caused the discrepancy between the two Mac OS versions that I set myself, or if there’s an actual difference in the two versions—but everything’s resolved.

Thanks for posting this because I was having a similar issue, it appears the app in the Mac store is the ipad version of the app.

I just got a new mac after using Obsidian on Windows for awhile and was very confused. All good now.

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