Mac accepts iCloud Drive files, but doesn't bring them onto obsidian automatically

The devices are connected I see an icon after I make changes, but they don’t show on obsidian.

Here’s a gif depicting what I’m talking about.

This icon lasts forever until I have to undownload and redownload manually

This download icon lasts forever until I have to undownload and redownload manually.

Happens after edits too

More media


Adding the file only works manually, I want it automatic


Welcome to the wonderfully unreliable world of iCloud. It is so glitchy that Howard Oakley wrote a utility called Cirrus, which you can download for free, and which is capable of “unjamming” iCloud. I use it regularly. For more information, see his website.

Are there any other alternatives for a poor soul like me that uses 3 different operating systems (Windows, Mac, iOS)?

No idea, I’m afraid – I only use Apple.

Can you explain how you fixed this issue that I have specifically? Or is this a general solution?

There is no “fix” for iCloud being slow that I know of. It is a well known problem. In my own experience I have had a file waiting to complete downloading for over 24 hours. The missing part of the file was 1Kb in size. iCloud will just jam completely at times. You can read this article with some information that might help.

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